Shooting star

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Shooting star. Almost everyone who describes hot spots is tempted to reverse reality and go for illusion at the expense of fact -that is, to narrate the apparent travels of hot spots as if they were in motion leaving trails like shooting stars, instead of telling the actual story of slow crustal drift over the fixed positions of thermal plumes. Myself included. With words, it is much easier to move a hot spot than it is to move a continent. Here, for example, is the story of another of the world’s hot spots told in terms of its illusory motion. With the flood basalts of Serra Geral, in southern Brazil, a hot spot is said to have begun in late Jurassic time. It moved east under Brazil for several million years and then crossed over to zakelijke energie Africa, which at that time was not much separated from South America. It lifted mountains in Angola, and then, doubling back, headed southwest under the ocean to form the Walvis Ridge, a line of seamounts leading to the hot spot’s present position-Tristan da Cunha. From the Serra Geral to the present island, the Tristan da Cunha hot-spot track is so well defined and dated that, as Morgan says, “it really ties down Africa.” Not to mention South America. An automatic inference from the theory is that hot spots perforating the same plates at the same times must make parallel tracks. On the floor of the Pacific, the tracks of the Line Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the zakelijke energie vergelijken Marshalls, and the Gilberts parallel the track of Hawaii and the Emperor Seamounts. In the Atlantic, the Canary Islands have traced a curve parallel to Madeira’s. Both are hot spots, and have left tracks that conform to Great Meteor. The Cape Verde Islands are a hot spot. A hundred and seventy million years ago, it was under New Hampshire, on a track nearly coincident with the later track of Great Meteor. The most voluminous intrusions of granite in the White Mountains are dated around a hundred and seventy million years.

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