Ehlers’ cattle

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The first summer, she had six colts! She must have had calves, too, by the way the Ehlers’ cattle increased.” These remarks were dated October 22, i905-the day after her stagecoach arrived. In months that followed, she sketched her neighbors (the word applied over many tens of miles). “By the door was Mrs. Frink, about i8, with Frink junior, a large husky baby. Ida Franklin, Mrs. Frink’s sister and almost her double, was beside her, frivolous even in her silence.” There was the story of Dirty Bill Collins, who had died as a result of taking a bath. And she fondly recorded Mrs. Mills’ description of the libertine Guy Signor: “He has a cabbage heart with a leaf for every girl.” She noted tl1at the nearest barber had learned his trade shearing sheep, and a blacksmith doubled as dentist. Old Pelon, a French Canadian, impressed her, because he had refused to ask for money from the government after Indians killed his brother. “Him better dead,” said Old Pelon. Old Pelon was fond of the masculine objective pronoun. Miss Waxham wrote, “Pelon used to have a wife, whom he spoke of always as ‘him.'” Miss Waxham herself became a character in this tableau. People sometimes called her zakelijke energie vergelijken the White-Haired Kid. “There’s many a person I should be glad to meet,” read an early entiy in her journal. She wanted to meet Indian Dick, who had been raised by Indians and had no idea who he was-probably the orphan of emigrants the Indians killed. She wanted to meet “the woman called Sour Dough; Three Fingered Bill, or Suffering Jim; Sam Omera, Reub Roe ….” (Reub Roe held up wagons and stagecoaches looking for members of the Royal Family.) Meanwhile, there was one flockmaster and itinerant cowboy who seemed more than pleased to meet her. In the first reference to him in her journal she calls him “Mr. Love-Johnny Love.” His place was sixty miles away, and he had a good many sheep and cattle to look after, but somehow he managed to be right there when the new young schoolmarm arrived. In the days, weeks, and months that followed, he showed a pronounced tendency to reappear. He came, generally, in the dead of night, unexpected. Quietly he slipped into the corral, fed and zakelijke energie watered his horse, slept in the bunkhouse, and was there at the table for breakfast in the morning-this dark-haired, blue-eyed, handsome man with a woolly Midlothian accent.

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